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The Most Sought-After Kobe Bryant Cards - Merqary Magazine

The Most Sought-After Kobe Bryant Cards


For sports fans, Kobe Bryant’s death was one of the most devastating things to happen last year. Luckily, sports memorabilia are here to help console us. This piece from Clutch Sports shares with us some of the top Kobe Bryant cards that ever sold.

In it, Clutch Sports gives us a glimpse into how much fans and collectors value the Laker great. Here’s a shot excerpt to give you an idea:

Mention him to a fellow collector and you’ll hear nothing but reverence for the great Black Mamba. His cards, especially from the year he was drafted, have gone up in value during the past year. His high-end cards have drastically increased in price over the past few months.

To learn about all of the 5 cards, give the article a read at this link to Clutch Sports.