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Baseball Cards: The Uncle Jimmy Collection - Merqary Magazine

Baseball Cards: The Uncle Jimmy Collection


Just thought you’d find this story just as heartwarming as we did. It’s called New Jersey Man Leaves Behinds A Baseball Card Collection Potentially Worth Millions.

In it, we learn of the story of an endearing card collector who spent his life collecting one of the world’s most priceless collections. Here’s a short excerpt from the article by Joe Orlando of Collectors Universe:

You’re not just talking about an enormous amassment of unsigned cards that have been preserved. You’re talking about cards that needed to be handled and sent to the players and autographed and then returned and then preserved‚ĶBecause Uncle Jimmy preserved them so well, the colors retain their freshness and their brightness, so the eye appeal of the cards is tremendous because he took the time to preserve them the right way.

Want to learn more about Uncle Jimmy and his collection? Just click on this link to Celebrity Net Worth to gain access to the full article.